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Calindia Wines and Spirits is an independent wine and spirits distributor. Our agency brings the experience, partners, and knowledge of India’s wine market to U.S. wine producers and acts as a reliable gateway to propel your brand into one of the fastest-growing markets in the world.

Our goal is to identify and curate long-term partners in California, one of the premier wine-growing regions in the world, to provide a steady source of quality, high-volume wines in India that cater to Indian tastes and budgets. Our portfolio of entry-level and mid-level wines from various regions of California will allow wine lovers in India the opportunity to enjoy great wines at an affordable price.

We are committed to building compelling brands and delivering growth to our partners, and we believe in building trusted long-term partnerships that are looking to grow together.

If you want to enter this burgeoning market, please get in touch with us.

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To be a trusted business partner that adds significant value to both ends of the wine production and enjoyment continuum.


To be recognized by suppliers, clients and the industry as the premier wine and spirits distribution agency in India, with a focus on outstanding service and excellence.


Raj Padiyal – Partner
Raj Padiyal – Partner

Raj Padiyal

– Partner

Raj Padiyal found a true partner in François Lemieux, who introduced him to the world of fine wine. As a result, Raj spent the last decade evaluating and learning the Indian wine market. Connections with multiple individuals and establishments helped him discern consumer preferences including taste palettes, wine types and consumption drivers. This research provides Calindia with deep understanding of the consumer taste and pricing expectations within it, and this partnership will help import U.S. wines into India.

When not enjoying wine, Raj is a certified cybersecurity professional with a Master’s degree in Accounting information Systems. He is supported in this journey by his wife and two lovely kids who are as excited about this journey as he is.

François Lemieux – Partner
François Lemieux - Partner

François Lemieux

– Partner
A Wine Enthusiast and wine collector for more than 30 years, François is an experienced Senior Manager with a demonstrated history in the management consulting industry. He earned his Master of Business Administration (Executive MBA) degree focused on Business/Commerce from Saint Mary’s College of California, and is WSET Certified.


What is Calindia Wine and Spirits?
Calindia Wine and Spirits is a distributor of high-quality U.S.-produced wines from California to India.
Why California wines?
We favor California wine because of its quality and ability to scale. California wineries can provide larger productions that will be needed once the brands are established in India.
Why should I choose Calindia as our preferred wine distributor in India?
By choosing Calindia, you will be able to focus on wine production. As your agency, we will take on responsibility for obtaining relevant permits, insurances, freight & transportation, customs and distribution within India through our existing relationships.
Do you import and distribute wines throughout all of India?
Yes. We provide access for wineries to enter into this fast-growing market. The Indian market is controlled by state-level rules, regulations and distributors that govern specific parts of the target market, and we have appropriate relationships to streamline the overall sales experience throughout India. Our initial focus will be in high-growth opportunities.
How can I place a wholesale inquiry or communicate with Calindia?

If you would like to learn more, or become a wholesale partner, please contact us at or

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